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Grand Baie, Mauritius


Although seaside village probably seems almost too common in movies and pictures, the only way to really understand the excitement, the peace, and the blissfulness for being exposed to windy beach and natural wonders is to actually be there in the seaside. If this is your idea of a good pleasure travel, then the Grand Baie in Mauritius is the right destination for you. It delivers a balanced combination of natural conservation and modern civilization place. Grand Baie (also referred to as Grand Bay) was once known as De Bogt Zonder Eyndt or Bay without End. Only when you visit the place you can understand where the name came from. It is the most popular resort in Mauritius.

When to Visit

Trapped in a circle of warm summers and mild winters, Grand Bay is always a good place to visit all year round. It does not matter when you visit, your will be spoiled with the windy beaches blowing from the calm sea, warm sun, and the all-natural swimming pool. In summer (November to March) Grand Bay can be very hot and humid, but not to the point where it gets unmanageable.

Activities at Grand Baie

Grand Bay is one of the best places in the world where you can enjoy great experience of engaging in natural adventures such as windsurfing, swimming, sailing, parasailing, and many other water sports. It is a seaside village, so it offers more water sports than you can name. Even when you are reluctant to get all sweaty, spending time in the village and having good times in the bars and night clubs are always enjoyable experiences.

  • Water activities: for the adventurous, Grand Bay region provides an excellent chance to explore the beauty of underwater ecosystem. When you feel like diving, the region offers numerous sites and coral reefs where you can submerge in a breathtaking diversity of marine life. Diving sites are within several miles from the beach. In case diving is too complicated for you, Grand Bay caters to your needs with underwater submarine or scooter excursion. You get the chance to witness how marine life under the sea thrives, without you having to get wet at all.

    If lying on the beach is getting a little less dynamic to the nerves, Grand Bay is also a departure point for boat excursions, deep sea fishing trips, and even a sail to neighboring islands such as the Gabriel Island, Flat Island, Round Island, Gunner’s Quoin, and Serpent Island.
  • Land activities: beach resorts and nightlife seem to be inseparable nowadays especially in well-developed resorts, and Grand Bay delivers. Some of the night clubs are open until morning hours. Parties usually pick up around midnight, and then you can spend the next morning breathing the beach air to get refreshed.

The more casual land activities involving craft shops, restaurants, and traditional local shops are present as well. In addition to the traditional shopping experience, Grand Bay has modern shopping centers filled with international brands. Whether you need unique piece of souvenirs, jewelries, or clothing, Grand Bay has you covered. Some of the shops have been operating for about 50 years.

Best Beaches

In Grand Bay, most (if not all) adventures start from the beach. It does not matter if you want to sail to another island or dive down into the world of beauty underwater or just shop around, your adventures mostly involve beach. Not all beaches have the same level of accommodations, and here are two of the best:

  • La Cuvette Beach: located within close proximity to the center of Grand Bay and Palm Hotel, you are basically close to everything else when you are at this beach. In a place where the development for tourism industry has been going on for so many years, La Cuvette Beach is relatively quiet and intimate. The beach has minimum amount of corals and rocks, and the water is very calm. La Cuvetta Beach is a good starting point to take a walk to the center of the village.
  • Grand Bay Public Beach: judging by the name, this beach is not as quiet as the previously mentioned. In fact, this is a busy place with active boats and catamaran all over. However, it provides great view of the surrounding environment to the point where you probably will just ignore everybody else. The public beach has restaurants (waterfront restaurants are always great), fast foods stands, juices, and more.

Where to Stay

Over the last several decades, the face of tourism industry in Grand Bay has changed to a great extent. One on hand, the development of resorts, hotels, shopping centers, and all sorts of accommodations are good for the economy, but all of those also mean that Grand Bay is no longer a secret paradise. Back then some people would enjoy true tranquility but with some difficulties of finding good hotels to stay; today the tranquility is in a lesser degree but you will find hotels everywhere you look. Tourism activities have improved as well, not only in terms of variety but also the technologies used.

Grand Bay was once called Bay without End. Today the development is also without end. People have different preferences, and they probably can name one or two favorite resorts all over the world; whet they don’t realize is that Grand Bay has all the bells and whistles along with the vices and virtues of the best beach resorts all over the world.

All sorts of accommodations from hotels and night clubs in both affordable and luxury ranges are here in the bay. The sense of being in a waterfront is wrapped around your mind, and you will get drowned by the comfort, calmness, joy, and pleasures.

A waterfront tourism resort almost sounds like a cliché nowadays in a busy world where people are craving to get rid of the stressful burdens of hours after hours of jam-packed city-life. Grand Bay is a far-away place, a one-of-a-kind in the multitude of beach resorts. This is the place for you to enjoy walking in the shore while having private conversations, having good meal in waterfront restaurants, explore the sea, dive down into the underwater world, and cruise from island to island.

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